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Detail Logix 1NDone is the next generation in protection and restoration for your car’s many surfaces. From exterior paint and trim, wheel wells, and interior plastics, this amazing product revives, enhances and shields from UV damage and micro-scratches. 1NDone’s unique chemistry forms a durable cross-linked protective coating which bonds to multiple types of surfaces, lasting for many months after application. There’s virtually no part of your vehicle that cannot benefit from this game-changing technology. Throw away all of those separate product bottles, 1NDone is all you will ever need.

USES: Exterior Paint, Exterior Trim, Exterior Tires, Chrome, Interior Plastics, Treated Leathers

Sizes: 5 gallon Concentrated Strength, 1 Gallon, Concentrated Strength, Spray Bottle Ready to Use Strength (all auto-products are available in 50 gallon sizes, call for more details)






Exterior Paint-

Chrome & Tires Spray 1NDone on paint surface and lightly spread with a microfiber towel to evenly cover the surface. Product will slightly haze. Allow to dwell for up to 10 minutes, then buff product in a circular motion with a microfiber towel or hand buffer, causing the chemistry to activate and form a durable, protective matrix. Ensure to buff off all excess product, leaving behind a water repellent, high gloss shine.

Trim & Plastics-

Simply spray 1NDone onto a microfiber towel and wipe evenly over desired surfaces to enhance the appearance and protect for months to come. Safe to use on finished leathers and wood trim. Do not apply on suede, nu-buck, or unprotected leathers.

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