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Detail Logix Foam Max is a pH Neutral, high foaming cleaner designed for either foam cannon or bucket wash applications. Dirt and contaminants are captured and lifted within the thick foam formulation, allowing it to be easily rinsed away without residue or streaks . Foam Max is highly concentrated, and safe for use on chrome, plastics and any other exterior surfaces. Foam Max’s no VOC’s formulation is biodegradable.

USES: Use on any exterior surface.

Sizes: 5 gallon Concentrated Strength, 1 Gallon, Concentrated Strength, Quart Bottle Concentrated Strength  (all auto-products are available in 50 gallon sizes, call for more details)






Pre-rinse the surface with water. Fill foam gun reservoir with Foam Max concentrate.  Spray heavy foam solution over entire car’s surface.  Wash with a clean foam mitt or terry cloth towel.  Rinse cleaner and contaminants from cars surface. Dry with thick, absorbent terry cloth towel.

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